External Assessments

Effective organizations must respond well to the pressures of change and conflict, either from the outside or within the organization. Yet often their responses to these pressures are ad hoc, or based on old processes that have not been modernized to deal with their current needs. 

They need to design effective methods of harnessing the opportunities for renewal that change and conflict can open up. Working with an external expert in conflict management, organizations can develop efficient processes designed “from the ground up” to allow them to meet their goals.

How can we help?

To deal with change and conflict effectively, an organization must have processes that produce good results and also leave participants in those processes feeling that they were dealt with fairly. A good conflict management expert will work closely with your organization to assess its needs and recommend a blueprint for the future. 

Depending on your needs, we will:

  • Work with you to identify the pressures your organization wishes to address
  • Clarify the goals that your conflict management process should achieve
  • Develop a confidential survey, if appropriate, to allow stakeholders or employees to identify their needs and concerns
  • Apply conflict management expertise to develop recommendations for the design of a process that will better meet your organization’s goals
  • Provide an independent report that includes concrete recommendations to address the concerns you identified

“Designing better processes for resolving conflicts is a challenging task. Michael’s understanding of the roots of conflict mean that he has what it takes to help clients develop systems for dealing with conflicts constructively and fairly.”

Alan Grant

Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School