negotiation training

Why Negotiation Training?

Negotiation is simply the use of dialogue to seek an agreement that advances our goals. 

We all have some experience in negotiation, both in personal and business contexts. Too often, though, for individuals and groups negotiation becomes a frustrating and uncertain battle of wills with the other side. They need a rational and, just as important, a practical framework to ensure that both the process and the results of negotiation advance their interests as far as possible.

What You Will Learn?

The training program is based on the Harvard-developed interest-based strategy for negotiation. Through a combination of group discussion and realistic simulations tailored to the type of negotiation you do, negotiation training will teach you how to use your own personality strengths within a proven framework to improve your effectiveness at the negotiation table. 

Applying the interest-based framework you will learn:

  • What should be your opening move at the table
  • What tactics other than willpower you can use to persuade the other side
  • How to avoid deadlocks and frustration at the table
  • How to know a good deal when you see it
  • How to defuse aggressive bargaining tactics
  • How to negotiate effectively as a team
  • How to avoid the winner’s curse (taking a good deal when you could have received a better one)

Who Will Benefit from the Program?

Business executives, government employees and anyone who is involved in important negotiations as part of their work. The program is available only to groups of eight or more and is offered in modules of either a half day, a full day, or a day and a half.

“With his vast knowledge and experience, Michael Coyle delivered a tailor-made training session that will assist us in our collective bargaining and in our communities.”

Dale Davis

Administrator, Six Nations Police Service and formerly Executive Director, First Nations Chiefs of Police Association